Luxury seasonal rentals in Cannes. Cannes is the N°1 seaside destination for luxury vacations on the Côte d’Azur. A destination both glamorous and romantic, where stars from all over the world come to stroll along the Croisette, then climb the famous red carpet for the International Film Festival. Palatial hotels, luxury boutiques, casinos and private beaches, all the ingredients are there to enjoy Cannes like a starlet. Luxury apartments offer unimpeded views of the bay, a few roof-top terraces host VIP evenings around their private pools where cocktail dress is mandatory. Far from the bustle of the town, large luxury residences guarantee total peace and quiet, sheltered from prying eyes. Though it is in elegant villas on the hills around the town that the discerning like to chill out at the edge of infinity pools while sipping refreshing drinks. Large residences and top-notch properties are to be found in the neighbourhood of La Californie, offering stunning views from luxuriant settings.

Cannes, a destination offering "typically French" glamour. The town is world-famous for the essential Cannes Film Festival when stars from all over the world come to receive a prize or simply to be seen on the famous steps of the Palais des Festivals. Cannes is, however, also renowned for its palatial hotels – Martinez, Carlton –, the quality of its private beaches, and its star-struck VIP evenings when extravagant luxury makes it the most glamorous destination on the Côte d'Azur. Its elegant architecture, romantic strolls on the Croisette and the sparkling atmosphere of Casinos make Cannes a "very French" destination! Cannes is decidedly a luxury destination for visitors in search of partying, farniente and bespoke services, all ensuring a memorable getaway to the French Riviera.

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